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Attorney Ronald B. Laba strives to help clients achieve the best possible results after they’ve been seriously injured or they have lost a loved one. For nearly 30 years, he has been challenging insurance companies on behalf of clients who have gone through extremely difficult times. He knows the work he does can make a dramatic difference in the lives of people who have been injured or who have lost loved ones.

Read the following testimonials to see how Attorney Laba has helped people get justice. Don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation with the Law Offices of Ronald B. Laba. Call toll-free at 866-434-1577.

Carolyn A

Published: Aug 26, 2015

I met David through my cousin who is also an attorney and he recommend David for my case. He was amazing! Very understanding and thorough with explaining every part of the process. Answered all of my questions, and was very helpful with allowing me to...

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Jarvis M. R.

Published: Aug 26, 2015

First and foremost let me quote one of my favorite lines from Mr. Givot, "Criminal defense is not about defending actions, but defending an individuals rights". This attitude is what makes David a fantastic person to be your representative in the court...

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M W.

Published: Aug 26, 2015

Aside from his rare & impeccable work ethic, David Givot was a the light we trusted in a very dark place.

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Marilee B.

Published: Aug 26, 2015

I can honestly say that I have such a strong opinion of David's character and compassion that I would feel confident referring him to anyone I know and care about who might find themselves needing legal counsel.

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Boating Under the Influence (BUI) in Long Beach

California Harbors & Navigation Code 655  Think of “Boating Under the Influence” (BUI) as the lesser known, but just as troublesome, cousin of DUI; it’s a lot less common, but it is still a crime.In Long Beach, California, like the rest of the...

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